Crazy X is a kickin’ “Rock ‘n Country Showband” that has had the privilege of entertaining both young and young at heart since 2007.  We are committed to delivering a show that fully engages the audience and is as stimulating to the eye as to the ear.  Crazy X fans, affectionately known as “stalkers”,  look forward to an experience complete with a fully produced light show and state of the art sound.

Band Edited

The success that Crazy X has enjoyed can only be possible with a winning team. Our members come from a broad range of performance and musical backgrounds, which gives the band the ability to deliver a high energy, “Rock ‘n Country” show covering artists from Def Leppard to Jason Aldean and Pat Benetar to Miranda Lambert.

Thanks for joining the Crazy X team! We sincerely mean it when we say that “YOU, our loyal stalkers, are THE MOST IMPORTANT members of the band”! We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at each and every show and hope to see you very soon!

Crazy X