Dane Davis

Photograph by Wendy Podmenik Darugar









Dane, who founded the band in 2007, is the heart and soul of CRAZY X.  He is a true entertainer and began sharpening this natural born skill in Pensacola, FL when he took the stage performing an Elton John cover in his second grade talent show.  Dane began playing guitar when he was ten years old and played in a variety of bands throughout his teen years. He was fortunate to spend those years in Austin, TX, which is known as the “live music capital of the world”.   He was heavily influenced by legends from that area such as Eric Johnson, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Stevie Ray Vaughn and also by the high energy heavy metal sounds popular in the 80’s.  Dane was stationed in Virginia after joining the military and has made it his home.  He has played in several local country and rock bands and loves nothing more than entertaining and connecting with people through music.


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